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  • Remarriage & Blended Families

    Establishing a solid and successful blended family is possible, despite the high statistics of divorce among blended marriages. According to statistical research studies, approximately 50% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce. Moreover, 60% of second marriages will result in divorce, and approximately 43% of these marriages are remarriages, with one-third of children living in a remarriage-blended family by the time they are adults. These blended families include cohabiting or married couples in which one or both partners have children from a previous relationship or marriage.

    According to research, remarriage and blended families with children necessitate between two to five years to become established. Often, these blended families are blindsided and must confront their own distinctive set of challenges as two separate family dynamics combine and struggle in creating a balanced, harmonious, and unified family.

    What Are The Challenges Encountered By Blended Families?

    ·         Blended families that are interracial, intercultural, and interfaith

    ·         Difficult stepchildren who struggle with a new stepparent

    ·         Establishing predictable schedules and routines

    ·         Distinct discipline parenting styles – authoritative, permissive, authoritarian

    ·         Challenges in constantly negotiating parenting and step-parenting roles within the family

    ·         Resentment from your children towards the stepparent

    ·         Establishing a balance between sibling rivalry

    ·         Collaborating two different families and households

    ·         Coordinating children’s school, sports, and activities schedules

    ·         Building a bond and connection with stepchildren

    ·         Maintaining the couple’s relationship and intimacy

    How Can Blended Family Therapy Help?

    ·         Collaborative establish family rules and expectations

    ·         Agree on positive parenting discipline style

    ·         Develop strategies for navigating co-parenting with ex-partners

    ·         Provide children with a voice to talk about their concerns, fears, and worries

    ·         Guide parents in preserving the relationship with their biological children

    ·      Support children in learning adaptive coping skills for

    ·      emotional self-regulation in managing their behavior

    ·         Provide stepparents the guidance and support in developing a relationship with their stepchildren

    ·         Resolve sibling rivalry in helping children to accept their new brothers and sisters as friends

    ·         Support children in grieving for the death of their biological parent

    ·      Provide children support in working through the affair and

    ·      infidelity of a parent

    We are here to provide you with the support to have a successful remarriage with children. Schedule a Free 20 Minute Video Initial Consultation. We are looking forward to guiding you along this journey.


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