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  • Bringing Baby Home

    As a mother and a Gottman Bringing Baby Home, New Parents Educator, I understand the joys and challenges couples face when they become new parents. Modern couples encounter various demands and stress as they transition into parenthood. Even a solid relationship may face difficulties with the adjustments of sleep disturbance, taking care of a new baby, and the distress that comes with a newborn.

    According to research studies, 67% of couples experience frustration, disappointment, and conflict adjusting to their new roles as parents. Dr. John Gottman’s research provides empirical-based therapeutic interventions to help couples navigate learning to be new parents, support their baby’s development, and manage the satisfaction of their relationship. The research demonstrates that the best predictor of relationship success is the quality of the friendship within the couple’s marriage. Gottman Method Couples Therapy can provide new parents with the psychoeducation, support, and techniques to help make this transition into parenthood successful.

    How Can Gottman’s Method Couples Therapy Help Us?

    Gottman’s evidence-based couples therapy provides specific therapeutic techniques to support pregnant and new parenting couples to transition into parenthood successfully. The following is a list to support couples in building a solid relationship and supporting their baby’s development.

    ·      The art of building love maps in your connection

    ·      Transition to parenthood

    ·      Emotion coaching with children

    ·      Understand child developmental stages

    ·      Recognize the importance of fathers

    ·      Learn how to connect with your baby

    ·      Raise an emotionally intelligent child

    ·      Sharing fondness and admiration

    ·      Establish intimacy, romance, and sexuality

    ·      Develop rituals of connection and appreciation

    ·      The importance of sharing fondness and admiration

    ·      The concept of turning towards one another for bids

    ·      How to maintain the positive perspective

    ·      How to ritualize the daily stress-reducing conversation

    ·      The topic of flooding, self-soothing, and taking breaks

    ·      Recognize the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    ·      Learn the four steps of constructive problem solving

    ·      Recognize Maternal Mental Health Disorders (PMAD)

    ·      Baby blues, perinatal/postpartum mood, and depression

    Parenting can be the most rewarding and satisfying experience, and it can cause anxiety, pressure, and stress in your relationship with the challenges of a new baby. We are here to support you along your journey into parenthood and strengthen the bond in your relationship. Schedule a Free 20 Minute Video Initial Consultation.

    I am looking forward to collaborating with you in making the transition from couplehood to parenthood fulfilling and satisfying.




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