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  • LGBTQUI+ Couples

    Are you feeling disconnected and detached from your partner?

    Are you feeling unappreciated and taken for granted?

    Are you experiencing suffering from discovering an affair?

    Are you wondering if you can repair and recover the trust in your relationship after a sexual betrayal?

    Is there less emotional connection and physical, sexual passion with your partner?

     Are you growing apart, detached and distant from your partner?

    Are you and your partner considering having an open relationship?

    Same-sex couples experience relationship challenges that encompass the whole spectrum of couples. However, another additional layer of the American culture and society’s discrimination, judgment, and stigma cause complexity in these relationships. Navigating relationship problems may seem daunting, causing anxiety and depression, and when sexual betrayals are committed, feelings of guilt and shame are causing significant pain to your partner. It may feel impossible to come out of these relationship disappointments and conflicts with a positive outcome. However, therapeutic interventions provide the scientific tools to establish effective communication methods and understand one another for a mutually meaningful and satisfying relationship.

    Gottman Method Couples Therapy for Same-Sex Couples

    According to Drs. John and Julie Gottman and colleagues directed a twelve-year study of lesbian and gay couples to understand what factors provide for the failure or success of the relationship. The published empirical research study confirmed that Gottman Method Couples Therapy is exceedingly effective an evidence-based therapy for gay and lesbian couples. The pioneers of this research study demonstrated the strengths of gay and lesbian relationships to the scientific community. The study showed that these LGBT couples who participated in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy demonstrated positive therapeutic outcomes in relationship improvement in satisfaction to be over twice the majority of couples.

    The Enhanced Gottman Connect Relationship Checkup

    An essential assessment of your strengths and challenges as a couple across several areas. It is an in-depth analysis based on 40+ years of scientific research. It is confidential and HIPAA compliant, consisting of 337 questions regarding commitment to the relationship, friendship, sexuality, emotions, conflict, values, trust, parenting, finances, affairs, infidelity, and alcohol and substance use. We collaborate to establish an individualized, unique, science-based treatment plan with goals that meet your objectives and established a meaningful and satisfying relationship.



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