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  • Sexual Dysfunction

    Sexual dysfunction occurs when the sexual response cycle becomes negatively impacted, interfering with healthy sexual intimacy. The sexual response cycle includes sexual desire and arousal, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.

    Sexual Dysfunction Issues

    Arousal difficulty

    Delayed orgasm

    Erectile dysfunction

    Inability to achieve orgasm

    Inability to maintain an erection

    Low sex drive

    Mismatched sexual desire

    Lack of sexual desire


    Dyspareunia (painful intercourse)

    Premature ejaculation

    Cancer, Diabetes, Chronic Pain

    Coronary Heart Disease,

    Physical or psychological disability

    Psychiatric Medication

    Sex therapy provides clients with information regarding sexual dysfunction and how their diagnosis and conditions influence their sexual concerns. The sex therapist and client collaborate with the client in establishing an individualized treatment plan and goals. Anxiety and performance issues in men can lead to erectile issues and premature ejaculation due to being distracted from connecting to their bodies and staying in their minds about failing to perform. Mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation can help clients become aware and tune into their physical bodies and pleasurable sensations.

    How Can Therapy Help?

    Psychotherapy and sensate focus exercises provide intimate touch without the pressure to perform in sexual intercourse. Anxiety and erroneous intrusive thoughts around painful intercourse cause tension in muscles, causing awkward, guilty, and uncomfortable feelings. Individual and couple therapy can help in examining negative core beliefs about oneself and their partner.

    Psychotherapy helps clients address anxiety, worry, guilt, past sexual trauma, and body image issues. Begin your journey to healing to overcome blocks to having healthy sexuality. Let us collaborate and establish meaningful and satisfying sexual intimacy between you and your partner.




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