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  • Therapy For Therapists

    Are you having a hard time being in the present moment?

    Do you have no energy and time for self-care?

    Are you always the one that everyone counts on to listen to their concerns, whether your colleagues, family, friends, or partner?

    Are you feeling compassion fatigue, exhausted, and burned out?

    If the client does not improve, then it must be because of you?

    Do you feel that you may have “imposter syndrome”?

    Are you able to have boundaries without feeling guilty?


    As a therapist, I am familiar with this struggle. We have all felt this at some point in our psychotherapy careers. I am grateful for the conscious awareness that I have developed to become enlightened to what is impacting and becoming in touch with your wants, desires, and needs to take care of yourself personally and professionally. Have you taken a well-deserved weekend getaway or a vacation to spend time with loved ones, friends, and your partner?

    Sometimes, we need to pause and reflect on what we need to give ourselves to become centered and whole. Making self-care a priority and balancing our roles and responsibilities is as important as carving out playtime to rejuvenate our soul, relax and re-energize. What are some of your concerns that have been ignored and swept under the rug? Are you want someone to actively listen to you, provide reflection and validate your concerns? Do you need to ask for support instead of doing everything yourself? Developing a conscious awareness helps you have acceptance and accountability in making responsible decisions in living the best version of your life?

    Authenticity and acceptance can help you focus on what you need to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with yourself. Discovering your values sets the foundation for establishing your priorities which will naturally glide into the therapy that you provide for your clients. I can honestly state that having a therapist helps me navigate and process experiences to become a better version of myself as a therapist.

     It is my privilege to collaborate with you and dedicate this space to focus on your aspirations, goals, authentic self, and what is of genuine significance for you. As therapists, we need assistance and support for all of the important work we provide and process vicarious trauma from clients. Since I have been on both sides of the spectrum, I have the compassion, empathy, and concern to provide that special unique connection from both the client and therapist perspective.

    I am here to provide you with the compassionate support you need personally and professionally to help you do what you love to do. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!