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  • Emelina Bellé Couple Relationship Specialist & Sexual Intimacy Therapist Newport Beach

    Perhaps, you may still remember what it was like to be in love with your partner, and those memories seem like it was so long ago. Modern couples with demanding dual-career schedules face challenges in achieving a work-life-family balance, and being present and staying connected is difficult at best. Perhaps you are focused on career deadlines and raising the children and are just exhausted with no motivation. Even though you are together, that emotional connection and excitement have faded. We do not know where to begin to rekindle the spark of romance and passion. Over time responsibilities get in the way of spending time together, and what may have been a temporary disconnection has now settled into a consistent daily routine.

    When life gets in the way of intimacy, and you feel alone and disconnected from your partner, couples therapy can enhance a close connection, provide effective communication, increase affection and respect, reduce conflict, and develop emotional and sexual intimacy. We work together to heal and repair ruptures of betrayals and disillusionment and rebuild the connection. Come into an inclusive, non-judgmental, and safe space to work with scientific evidence-based research strategies and proven techniques for a joyful, loving, and meaningful relationship. 

    Emelina Bellé

    Couples relationship specialist and sexual intimacy psychotherapist. Emelina Bellé is one of the innovative thought leaders providing clarity and insight on modern love relationships. Bellé was born in Havana, Cuba, of multiethnicity of European Spaniard, French, and Italian and recognizes love’s magnetic desire across cross-cultural and social-economic standards in American couples. Bellé being fluent in three languages, acknowledges diverse cross-cultural, international, racial, and spiritual diversity, sexual and gender identity, LGBTQIA+, and identity intersections. Bellé conducts the most recent qualitative research studies on Modern Love Stories, An Inquiry of Intercultural Couple Romantic Relationships, to address pragmatic ways to make the needed changes to master the exploration of love and diversity of contemporary American couples.

    Bellé, a Doctor of Psychology PsyD candidate, a Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. Clinical Sexologist Candidate, Gottman Method Couples Therapist Level 3, Sex Therapist, AAMFT Supervisor candidate, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Level 2 (CCTP-II), EMDR, and the Trauma Studies Program, Trauma Research Foundation. Bellé serves the elite California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University COAMFTE accredited Co-Teaching Master of Arts Couple and Family Therapy program.

    I believe the quality of our relationships determine the quality of our lives. - Esther Perel

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